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In the wine industry, sustainability is no longer an option. It’s an absolute priority. At Newcorp Logistics, the logistical pioneer for the wine & spirits industry, we embrace sustainability passionately. With ProWein 2024 in the making, sustainability is the talk of the town. Yet how can wine producers truly achieve the concept of sustainability? Does sustainable packaging suffice, or does the entire production chain need to be covered? The answer isn’t simple, however Newcorp offers wine producers a sustainable logistical solution that meets their requirements.


ProWein 2024

It’s almost time! From March 10th to 12th, we’ll be present at the ProWein Fair in Düsseldorf. ProWein is one of the most prestigious wine and spirits exhibitions globally. This year, you will find us at our stand in the 3D warehouse and where you can meet our dedicated team of logistics experts. Visitors to ProWein 2024 can expect comprehensive information on transport, storage, e-fulfillment, and fiscal services. Additionally, at the exhibition, visitors can directly schedule an appointment, both via the app or email. During these appointments, visitors will engage with experts in the storage and handling of excise goods.

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Sustainability Accountability

For wine producers seeking a sustainable logistical solution, Newcorp Logistics is the ideal partner. As a highly qualifiedlogistics expert, Newcorp carries significant responsibility for the green transition in logistics and supply chain management. We address sustainability needs on multiple fronts within the wine industry.

The climate within a wine storage facility must be regulated, and energy is essential for this purpose. With our temperature-controlled warehouse units, we can replicate perfect conditions. In addition to internal sustainability efforts, we’ve taken to the exterior of our warehouse. Due to the vast storage space, there is sufficient room for solar panels on our roof. These panels have a combined capacity of 1,000,000 kW/h, enough to foresee 283 households. This way, electricity can be generated in an energy-neutral manner. This investment is a step toward for the future for Newcorp Logistics as well as for the environment and the customer.


What to Expect as a Visitor?

Newcorp stands out in wine logistics by specializing in transport, storage, distribution, fulfillment, and fiscal handling. Jasper van Luik confirms: “Our services offer the convenience of a one-stop-shop, encompassing all these aspects under one roof.” When a new customer shows interest, we guarantee a streamlined process. At Newcorp Logistics, a customer may expect an efficient cooperation with a dedicated account manager, short communication lines, and competitive rates. We aim to provide our customers with a seamless experience and support them with every step of the logistical process. Additionally, we’re a sparring partner for customers regarding market developments, such as innovation in (wine) logistics and online sales. “That’s the new way to reach consumers directly, and Newcorp can assist with that,” says Van Luik.


At Newcorp Logistics, we initiate sustainable streamlined processes. After the exhibition, we’re happy to schedule an intake meeting and, if desired, a personal visit to find the right solutions. Feel free to contact us for more information on how we can fulfill your logistical needs and help you achieve your goals in the wine industry. With a focus on sustainability, we make the supply chains in which we operate a little more environmentally friendly every day.

Visit us at ProWein 2024 (stand A54, hall 14) and let’s connect!