Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023

Newcorp Logistics’ strategy

Setting course, staying sharp and flexible to changes in the industry. Brian Walsh, deputy managing director of Newcorp Logistics, takes us on a time journey from 2019 to the present in which we not only look back, but also look forward. What is Newcorp’s strategy in this dynamic logistics world, what challenges are anticipated and what lessons can be taken away from the past? You can read it here!

What kind of growth has Newcorp Logistics experienced?
In a short time, Newcorp has grown tremendously, both in offerings of services and markets, personnel and actual square footage. Meanwhile, our services have expanded greatly with multiple warehouses where we offer comprehensive services. This brings challenges and increases the need for proper direction and strategy. I have been involved with Newcorp for over five years from a consulting role where I have always focused on process improvement and growth. Now I am putting this into practice even more within Newcorp and together we are putting down a framework of knowledge and expertise for our clients.

What challenges have you encountered and do you foresee?
In 2019, the core business was still much focused on beverages and food. These goods are seasonal and sensitive to outside influences. We also expected a major impact on outcomes due to the pandemic. Nothing could be further from the truth. In less than a year, we as an organization have been able to transform our business model and take a deeper dive. Being bold, taking risks and not building on the established is what has taken Newcorp forward. For 2023, we expect an overall contraction. Therefore, we are already looking at possible alternatives and investing in niches. The direction is set, the frameworks are known, and we are working in a more structured way toward concrete outputs and actions.

How do you ensure enthusiasm?
Newcorp has a tremendous amount of passion, drive and skill. We want to be real game changers in logistics. You can feel that throughout the entire organization. The team consists of people with heart for the business and passion for their profession. As an employer, we do our best to keep our people engaged in a market that is volatile. Informality, openness and a good working atmosphere is important here. For me, Newcorp is a fun company with a diverse club of people and personalities. This was also the reason I made the switch to Newcorp at the time. ‘Being a fun company’ is one of our core values and we make every effort to ensure this.

Where is the focus in the future?
The current world situation will affect our business. The impact of the war in Europe, the pandemic and the skyrocketing costs will be significant. This only begs the question for us; how do we handle this smartly? We want to pass on costs to the customer only minimally so we are constantly improving internal processes to work smarter, cheaper and more efficiently. Digitization, robotization, sustainability by working with solar energy, for example, and being a good employer are just some of the examples of how we are working internally to be better tomorrow than we are today.