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Goodbye 2022, hello 2023
The strategy of Newcorp Logistics

Setting a strategic course, staying sharp and flexibly adapting to changes in the sector. Brian Walsh, deputy director of Newcorp Logistics, takes us on a journey from 2019 to date in which we flash back and forward. What strategy will Newcorp apply in the ever dynamic world of logistics, world, what challenges lie ahead and what are lessons learned from the past? Read below!

What kind of growth has Newcorp Logistics experienced?
In a short time, Newcorp has grown substantially in terms of services and markets, personnel, and actual square meters. We have expanded with several warehouses where we offer a wide range of services. This creates challenges and further increases the need for a clear strategy. I have been involved with Newcorp for over five years as a consultant focussing on process improvement and organisational growth.
At present I am putting this into practice even more by setting up a framework of knowledge and
expertise for our customers.

What challenges have you encountered, and do you see ahead?
In 2019 core business mainly focused on beverages and dry foods. These goods were seasonal and prone to external factors. We also expected a big impact on results because of the pandemic.
Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. In less than a year, we have been able to change our business model and deepen it. Having the guts, taking risks, and deviating from the beaten track has brought Newcorp further. We expect a global contraction for 2023. That is why we are anticipating possible alternative markets. Newcorp also invests in product niches. The strategy is clear, the frameworks are known, and we are working in a more structured manner towards solid output and actions.

How do you guarantee enthusiasm?
Newcorp Logistics is a team full of passion, drive, and expertise. We want to be real game changers in logistics. You can feel it in the fibres of the organisation. Our team consists of people with a heart for the company and a passion for the profession they practice. As an employer, we do our best to keep our people on board in a volatile market. Informality, openness, and a good working atmosphere are essential. For me, Newcorp is a fun company with a diversity of people and personalities. This was the main reason that I chose to work for Newcorp. Being a fun company is one of our core values and we do everything in our power to safeguard this.

What is the focus for the future?
The current global situation will affect our business. The war in Europe, the aftermath of the recent pandemic as well as exceptionally high energy prices, etc. will have their impact. This only raises the question for us: “How to handle this smartly?” We aim to pass on a minimal cost increase to our customers. Therefore, we are continuously working on improving internal processes to work smarter, cheaper and more efficiently. Digitalisation, robotisation, sustainability and good employment are just a few of the examples of how we work. We aim to be better than the day before.

Brian Walsh