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Newcorp Logistics is one of the very few experts in The Netherlands for transport, storage and handling of excisable goods. With the port of Rotterdam and Antwerp around the corner, our (bonded) warehouse is the hotspot to store and transship your goods. Our highly experienced and skilled team will help you with your supply chain movements. We will always provide a reliable and efficient service. We provide you with secure storage locations and maximum security to minimize risks.  

We are fully certified and comply with the administrative and organizational requirements to store excisable goods on which duty has not been paid yet. Newcorp Logistics will help you with all documentation required. Did you know we also offer the following services:  

  • (E)-fulfilment services  
  • Order-to-cash service  
  • Escrow service  
  • Fiscal services  
  • Temperature controlled storage, handling and transport 
  • Cargo inspection  
  • Quality control with pictures for the (end)customer 
  • Value Added Logistics 

We store different kind of excisable goods, such as beer, wine, liquor and other alcoholic beverages.  


For professional alcohol storage. One price covers all. We take care of the rest.

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