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Food Logistics

We offer service & customer care you have never experienced before.

Have you ever thought about a world in which you can outsource your entire logistics to a just as ambitious team as your own organization? To a team with the same focus on quality? With the same interest in your product and giving the right attention to your product handling? We believe in growth together with our high valued customers. Growth is something you accomplish together by putting effort in communication, knowledge and handling.

We provide full service logistics for the food & beverage industry. Food logistics requires specialist knowledge and expertise. At Newcorp Logistics, we handle a wide range of products from the food and beverage industry with different conditions. In our facility together with our specialised team, we handle dry, refrigerated and frozen products. We could also take care of your inspections, when we receive the cargo.  

Each customer has its own location in our warehouse. All your goods are centralised in one separated area. We maintain the highest standards for food safety and invest in the latest technologies to provide optimal storage and handling. It is in our DNA to provide the best service possible!

We offer the following services for food logistics

  • Storage and transport of a wide range of food products
  • Duty suspended storage (excisable goods, (non)alcoholic beverages and wines)
  • Multi-temp transport (fridge/freezer) by road and sea
  • Value added service contracts, labeling, inkjet device, packaging and repackaging.
  • Issuing of export, import and transit documents
  • Certificate of Origin, Eur-1 documents, health certificates, and more.


Full service for the food & beverage industry, from FMCG to premium foods and (alcoholic) drinks. 


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