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The market is growing continuously, whether it is for medical devices or electronics, for business or families. The market expands due to its innovative character. Coming years an aligned supply chain will be more important. At Newcorp Logistics, we understand the importance of the handling of this type of goods. We focus on efficient logistics to reduce lead times and optimize your supply chain costs.  

We offer:  

  • (E)-fulfilment services  
  • Order-to-cash service  
  • Escrow service  
  • Fiscal services  
  • Temperature controlled storage, handling and transport 
  • Cargo inspection  
  • Quality control with pictures for the (end)customer 
  • Value Added Logistics  
  • End-to-end visibility  

At Newcorp, we understand that your electronics are valuable. These products need attention and safe handling. Whether it is with packing,  storage or distribution, we will help you. Please contact us for more information.

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For professional electronics storage. One price covers all. We take care of the rest.

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