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As the global wine industry joins ProWein 2024, Newcorp Logistics will be attending as well. With a commitment to excellence and a proven track record in handling delicate products, we are redefining the standards of wine transportation. Meet us at ProWein in our 3D warehouse stand, one of the most prestigious wine and spirits fairs globally, where we will showcare our expertise in seamlessly delivering wines from vineyards to markets around the world.

Newcorp Logistics is synonymous with efficiency, ensuring that each bottle of wine arrives at its destination in excellent condition. At ProWein 2024, attendees can explore how the expertise of Newcorp over the past years will contribute to future growth. A trustworthy and good partner in logistics enables our customers to excel and grow their brand. With a robust global network, Newcorp Logistics has established itself as a key player for international wine logistics. With our location, minutes away from the port of Rotterdam, Newcorp Logistics is the gateway to Europe for many brands worldwide.

The industry

Newcorp Logistics recognizes that the wine industry is diverse, with unique requirements for each type of wine. The company’s team of experts collaborates with our clients to provide sustainable logistics solutions that meet specific needs. Newcorp Logistics ensures that each shipment is handled with precision, care, and full transparency. We always focus on personal contact, transparency, knowledge, and reliability.

ProWein 2024

Newcorp Logistics is determined to make a significant impact at ProWein 2024, showcasing our services in wine logistics. In our 3D warehouse stand, you can feel where your products will be stored, handled, and distributed safely. As the global wine industry continues to grow, the importance of a reliable and efficient logistics partner cannot be overstated, and Newcorp Logistics is ready to meet the evolving needs of vineyards and wineries around the world.

Visit us at ProWein 2024 (stand A54, hall 14) and let’s connect!