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Making a circular supply chain possible with refillable glass jars is not the easiest challenge. Certainly not when you consider that this can also be accompanied by explosive growth and upscaling. Pieter Pot has grown a lot and is ready to increase the volumes tenfold. How? By partnering up with Newcorp Logistics

Pieter Pot, a circular online supermarket that is the first supermarket in the Netherlands to be completely packaging-free. A supermarket where you order your groceries online, which are then delivered in refillable glass jars. Now 600 new people a day receive access to Pieter Pot’s platform. But as quickly as people are added, so does the waiting list. Together with Newcorp Logistics, Pieter Pot is ready for national and international growth.

“Together with Newcorp Logistics, we were able to set up our new fulfillment warehouse, where they shared their knowledge in logistics such as inbound, storage and outbound. Now we are able to set up our own distribution center. In this way we can really make a lot of customers happy with packaging-free groceries”, says Martijn Bijmolt, founder Pieter Pot.

Newcorp Logistics is one of the specialists in the Netherlands in the field of order fulfillment. We will help Pieter Pot with making their logistics future-proof. “We have a very good feeling about Pieter Pot, and we are happy with their choice. The company has a professional set-up, extremely driven people and their products are also good for the environment. All core values that we also find important. We share that vision and believe that this is the basis for success,” says Jasper van Luik, Founder & Director Newcorp Logistics.