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Data visibility the food and beverage industry

The food and beverage industry has invested tremendously in digitisation of supply chain processes. Companies were confronted with the time pressure for improving visibility, agility and resiliency. The focus on cost effectiveness and getting the right price has had its impact on organisations worldwide. The importance of a steady, trustworthy partnership was never so visible than during this pandemic. It is not the only factor that plays a part in the need for visibility. Growing consumer demand for healthier and trustworthy products is one of the crucial factors as well. The visibility does not just stop at the grower, but it must cover the entire supply chain. Consumers, logistical partners, suppliers, they are all part of it.

As one of the experts in food logistics we can say that visibility requirements are not new. Ever since, we have been providing our customers in the food & beverage industry with track and trace and detailed pictures from all incoming products. Serial numbers, dates, everything will be checked thoroughly before entering our storage facility.

This data visibility increased the quality of our partnership because of the gained trust in Newcorp Logistics as a partner. The trend of data integration allows us to provide better insight to our customers every day. But remember, data itself is useless. Data is only as good as its interpretation. In food logistics, temperature information, dates and serial numbers are crucial to decide whether this product is allowed to continue in the supply chain. But have you ever considered other data options or information? What would help your business to thrive and provide an insight that will not only improve your supply chain but also the consumer’s view on your brand

Curious what we as an expert in food logistics could do for you and how we can partner up? Leave us a message and we will get in contact with you today.