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The goal is to grow to a sustainable collaboration by grasping all the ins and outs of the customer’s process to achieve a suitable solution. Newcorp Logistics is an agile logistics partner that invests time, effort, and energy to deliver nothing less than the best. Over the past year, we have fully immersed ourselves in the world of premium rum for a Latin American client. How did we approach this, and how did the process go? Please read about it below!

For a customer who trades in premium rum products, we plunged into the world of premium rum in the past year. Understanding the customer’s needs first is essential to solving a logistics issue. We did this by mapping the wishes, needs, and current problems. This case involved handling the entire supply chain for premium rum products. The rum is produced in Latin America and transported to Europe. For the transport of premium rum products to Europe, we investigated what works best for our customer.

Then we dived into the preparation process. An inspiring working visit to Spain gave us insight into the storage and maintenance of premium rum products. This working visit gave us numerous insights and knowledge about how rum is optimally stored and maintained. One example is the use of traditional materials, such as oak barrels. Delving into the product is essential to guarantee quality at all times when handling premium products.

With our newly acquired knowledge, we are now experts in handling our customer’s products. Meanwhile, we received the first barrels. The barrels have been prepared for storage of the first premium rum shipment following. The result? Our customer confidently enters a partnership with quality and cooperation at the centre. That’s Newcorp.