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The frontrunner of renewable energy in logistics

Corporate social responsibility and durability are getting much bigger and bigger within companies. Different entrepreneurs are trying to make their company sustainable in their own ways. Newcorp Logistics also started with making their company more sustainable by setting up solar panels. How and why did we do that?

The roof of the warehouses is placed with solar panels to make them more sustainable. This investment brings a lot of benefits for Newcorp Logistics, the environment and the customer. This investment makes Newcorp Logistics one of the frontrunners in renewable energy. With a huge warehouse you will have big surface available for solar panels. The solar panels are having a capacity of 1.000.000 kW/h which is enough for 283 households. Purchasing and installing solar panels was an important step towards the future for Newcorp.

“By purchasing and installing this we notice a big and positive difference. Perhaps this is also very interesting for our customers. For some parties it can nevertheless be a factor in choosing their logistic partner. We also like to think along in this. In addition, the sun is a very powerful and natural source of energy, so why won’t we use it? By generating your power where the power is needed, you can see that there is a big difference in storage and distribution. If we as Newcorp Logistics could participate in making the logistics sector and hopefully also the Netherlands more sustainable, we are certainly open to this. So, it was not a difficult decision. A decision that we will hopefully benefit from for a long time to come.” says Jasper van Luik, Director Newcorp Logistics.