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Warehousing slotting

Warehouse slotting is simply the exercise of arranging everything in a warehouse and assigning a specific place for a particular product. This helps to save a lot of time by reducing the time to pick the products. Imagine you have a garage and it is filled with different kinds of tools. It will be very hard for you to find different tools in such a situation and going back and forth to the garage to find things also takes up a lot of time. If all the tools in the garage are organized properly you can find the required tools in an instant and save a lot of time. New Corp Logistics provides the best 3PL service in Netherlands, Bonded Warehousing in Netherlands, Logistics Service in Netherlands, Freight Shipping in Netherlands.

Businesses have to manage their inventory and they store their products in a warehouse. There might be different types of goods and products and it is important to organize the inventory. It is not an easy task to slot a warehouse because the area is too large and you deal with many more items, increased constraints. Warehouse slotting is not about finding empty shelves and storing goods in suitable places. The goods should be stored in such a place which reduces additional movements and increases efficiency. There are a lot of factors like this and it is important to achieve that hidden efficiency. In the end, warehouse slotting is all about inventory management processes and finding ways to reduce overall warehousing costs.

Why Warehouse Slotting One of the Best Ways to Optimize Inventory Space

  • To free up space – When a warehouse is perfectly slotted there is a lot of free space created because everything will be organized. If everything is disorganized it looks cramped and cluttered and when everything is put back in its place the warehouse feels more spacious.
  • Increase visibility and reduce error – Slotting a warehouse efficiently makes it easier to find goods. The aisles and shelves are marked and the goods are stored according to categories. This way it is easy to pick these items and the visibility also increases. There will be fewer errors in the picking process too.
  • Minimize item damage – If goods are stored in a disorganized manner there is a high chance that the goods might be damaged in the picking process. Warehouse slotting ensures that goods are put in a perfect environment and there are labels on which guide workers on how to handle the product. Efficient warehousing reduced traffic through the aisles and the number of touches on each SKU.

There are various ways in which a warehouse can be slotted and here are some important points to remember.

  • Slot the items according to the level at which the item will be picked.
  • The heavy items should be placed on the top shelf and the lightweight ones should be at the bottom.
  • Items that are ordered frequently should be easily accessible.
  • Labels should be added to products to make it easier to find them
  • There should be a database with details of all the products and where they are located
  • There should be regular stock counts and inspections to check the condition of  the goods.