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On demand warehousing

When the world seems to change every minute, logistics need to keep up. The world of shopping changes drastically which leads to new challenges and possibilities. This demands different solutions that can keep up. On-demand warehousing belongs to this type of solutions. But what is it and why choose for on-demand warehousing instead?

You can compare on-demand warehousing with platforms like Airbnb and Uber. It is an online marketplace where users can access the network and use space on an “as needed” basis. Companies with available warehouse spaces can connect with companies who need extra warehouse space. Where you normally have long-term contracts of other obligations, on-demand warehousing gives you the ability to be flexible and lease on short-term basis. With the pay-per-use model you only pay for the space and services you use.

The advantages of on-demand warehousing:

  • Gives flexibility due to seasonal changes of the inventory demands, product promotions, same/next day shipping demands, new products and more
  • On-demand warehousing can be a huge advantage for small and growing retailers
  • The warehouse providers can ship the order for you
  • Benefits the fulfillment process

 The disadvantages of on-demand warehousing:

  • Not every company has enough staff and technology to work on this kind of demand
  • Not every company possess the knowledge needed for your product

In sum, on-demand warehousing fulfills short-term needs and is flexible which allows your business to save money, scale fulfilment services to accommodate growth, and eliminate the need to have your own warehouse or fulfillment system. Newcorp Logistics is your partner for all your entire supply chain activities. We help you out with seasonal demand and we focus on several product categories. Please feel free to ask us about the possibilities of on-demand warehousing!